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The NPWRA was formed in July 2009.

                        There has been organised Pedigree Whippet Racing in the
                        UK for many years, run by a sub committee of the Whippet
                        Club. Many racers felt for a long time that the structure of that
                        organisation no longer worked as an effective and fair way of
                        running Pedigree racing.

       The events of 2009 proved these concerns and it was felt that the only way to
       guarantee the continuation of competitive pure Pedigree Whippet racing was by
       the formation of a new organisation. So the NPWRA was born.

       The first NPWRA National Championships were held on August 2, 2009 at the
       Independent track in Cotheridge, Worcestershire. These Championships were
       very well supported by the majority of experienced Pedigree Whippet racers.

       Since then the committee and advisers have been working hard to ensure the
       foundations are in place to carry the NPWRA into the future.

       Now in our 11th year of organising Championship racing, although not deep with
       history we believe it is quality, not quantity that continues to be the driving force
       to our success.

                       We thank you for your continued support.

       For up to date information and news check out our web site or Facebook page
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