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Welcome to the first NPWRA News       In this Edition              Page
       magazine - hopefully the first of many!
       It’s been a very different start to the   Racing Calendar Apr-July     4
       year for whippet racers. Many clubs
       initially were unable to use their    Steve & Sue Evans                5
       grounds due to the amount of rainfall
       followed by virtual lockdown due to   1st Nationals 2019               8
       Covid-19 Coronavirus.  This has
       resulted in many scheduled events to   The Scottish Thistle          12
       be cancelled and it’s suspected there   2nd Nationals 2019           13
       could be many more to follow.
       Knowing how much both we and our      Raw Feeding introduction       17
       whippets love our sport this was not a
       decision taken lightly.
                                             3rd Nationals 2019             19
       Paid up members of the NPWRA at
       31st March will have received this first   Why Puppies Should not    23
       edition by post as it was scheduled to   be Raced Too Young
       be available for the first Championship.

       In future editions it’s hoped that there   4th Nationals 2019        25
       will be profiles on our favoured vets-
       the ones we go to when we have a      End of year League Tables  29-30
       problem and possibly articles from
       those vets.                           Racing Calendar Aug-Oct        IBC
       I would hope that all clubs feel they
       would like to submit an article or two,
       but members can also individually send
       anything they feel is of interest to the
       racing community.  No need to worry
       about formatting- just a Word
       document or even a load of text by
       messenger.  Pictures can be included
       too.  Always looking for one or two line
       snippets of advice or an anecdote to
       use as a small space filler!

           Without content we have no
           magazine so please feel free
              to submit any articles.

       Front Cover picture by Jay Shaw
       Championship winners pictures by
       Lorraine Fitzgerald
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