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Racing Calendar
            April                                                     Postcode
      12th  Easter Charity Open @ Andover                             SP11 0PP
      19th  1st NPWRA Championship @ Andover 150 yds                  SP11 0PP
      26th  1st WCRA Championship                                     WR13 6AT
      3rd  Heart of England Open                                      B79 0DP
      10th  North West Championship @ Northern 175 yds                PR4 6JX
      17th  Spring Time Open @ Andover                                SP11 0PP
      24th  2nd NPWRA Championship @ Northern 170 yds                 PR4 6JX
      31st  East Ayrshire Summer Classic - scratch @ 150 yds          KA18 1RP
      31st  Ryemeadows Bend Open 220 yds                              WR13 6AT
      7th  Gloucester Open 150 yds                                    GL20 8DF
      14th  2nd WCRA Championship                                     WR13 6AT
      21st  Harvel Open 175 yds straight All passports welcome        ME14 3JN
      28th  Independent Open                                          WR6 5LP
      5th  3rd NPWRA Championship @ Andover 180 yds                   SP11 0PP
      12th  Scottish National Sprint @ East Ayrshire 75 Yards         KA18 1RP
      18th  **Saturday** Scottish Thistle -  British Championship     FK10 0RQ
      19th  Help for Heroes Open @ Independent                        WR6 5LP
      26th  Northern Summertime Open  165 yds                         PR4 6JX

                                   Whippet Fact
                  Whippets are known to be the fastest accelerating

                         land animal, capable of reaching their
                      maximum speed of 35 mph in just 4 strides!
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