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Steve & Sue Evans                    and  from  that  moment  they  were
                                            hooked.  They  started  to  train  their
       How they started with Whippets
                                            Whippet  Bumble  as  he  was  called  at
       Do you ever wonder where it all began   home with a lure on the end of a fish-
       for racers?  I often do, and I find the     ing  rod,  Steve  could  be  seen  in  the
       history  of  our  sport  and  our  fellow   middle of a local field frantically turn-
       sportsmen and women so interesting.    ing around and round with bumble in
       An important part of whippet racing is   hot pursuit. They were also invited to
       of  course  the  breeding  and  over  the   the Oxford PWRC on Sundays to train
       years  I  have  seen  hundreds  of  new   Bumble,  he  was  a  complete  natural
       litters  making  their                               and  within  a  month
       way  to  the  track.                                 he had the race name
       Some  with  new  to                                  of  Melvern  Mystery
       the  sport  owners,                                  and  was  on  the  card
       and  I  have  seen                                   at  Wokingham.  They
       many  come  and  go.                                 couldn’t  wait  to  buy
       When  asked  by  a                                   the evening post on a
       breeder  if  they  can                               Friday to see the card
       use your dog for stud                                and their race.
       it  is  a  great  honour,
       and  we  have  made                                  In  1979  Sue  gave
       such  good  friends  in                              birth of their first son
       the  process.  No  one                               Mark  and  in  1985
       more  than  Sue  and                                 Martyn came along.
       Steve  Evans.  I  would                              They  continued  to
       like  to  share  their                               race  Bumble,  but  he
       story with you.                                      only had eyes for Ste-
                                                            ve,  and  Sue  felt  a  bit
       Steve  had  always                                   left  out.  While  racing
       wanted  a  whippet                                   Bumble  at  Oxford,
       and in 1979 the new-      Young Steve with Bumble    now  with  two  small
       lyweds from Reading          (Melvern Mystery)       boys,  Sue  met  up
       Berks     purchased                                  with  June  and  Len
       their  first  Whippet.  Shouska  Orient   McDonald, who were about to have a
       Express a show bred whippet, as rac-  litter,  Sue  ask  if  she  could  put  her
       ing  hadn’t  yet  been  introduced  to   name down for one, Sue had been sav-
       them.    One  day  a  guy  Steve  worked   ing  up  her  family  allowance  in  hope,
       with asked if he and Sue would like to   and  a  few  weeks  later  to  her  delight
       go to Wokingham football ground on a   was  offered  a  little  black  and  white
       Friday night to watch whippet racing?   bitch. They called her Ivy and she  ar-
       They set the track up around the foot-  rived at the Evans household in 1987,
       ball pitch. So off they went for a look,   race  name Little Minx, she turned out
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