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to be a very special little bitch indeed,  including WCRA Ch. & VCh. many Su-
       becoming  a  WCRA  RCh,  Federation  premes and the Top Ten Runner up.
       Champion, Federation supreme Cham-
       pion, Top Ten Winner, and Superstars  The  next  two  litters  they  had  were
       Winner.  Veteran  Champion  and  top  from there Ruby Tiger, the first litter of
       ten winner.                          5  with  Jane  Rankins  WCRARCh  VCh
                                            Black  Bird  on  the  20   Dec  1996  pro-
       Ivy went on to have two litters the first  ducing WCRA Ch Gene Genie, Sporting
       with  WCRA  Ch  VCh  Jolly  on  the  10   Ch  Ruby  Minx,  and  the  second  litter
       Aug  1990  Producing  WCRA  Ch  VCh  with  John  Pedder’s  Real  Mc  Coy,  on
       Captain  Poldark.  Sporting  Champion  the  19  Aug  1998  producing  WCRA½
       Go on Tapa. Federation Champion Dev-  coat Ansome Harry, VCh Sharp Hint.
       il’s Ivy. Second litter with Tony Fullers
       WCRA  Ch    Binfield  Flash  26   March  In  2000  Mona  Lisa:  Went  on  to  have
       1992  producing  WCRA  Ch,  Sporting  one litter of 5 pups, with Geoff Cooks
       Champion,  top  ten  runner  up  Ruby  WCRA  Ch  Catch  the  Wind  on  the  3
       Tiger, and WCRA Ch Binfield Lightning.   March  2000.    What  a  litter  that  was,
       In  1995  June  and  Len  McDonald  had  producing,  WCRA  Ch,  VCh,Top  Ten
       bred  a  litter,  and  Sue  and  Steve  had  Winner  Red  Devil,  WCRA  Ch,  VCh,
       been  invited  for  tea  as  well  as  to  see  Fuller Spirit, Kinda   Gorgeous WCRA ½
       the  puppies,  they  all  had  homes,  so  coat,  Kinda  Groovy  WCRA  ½  and  3  x
       they  really  were  just  looking.  When  top  Stud  Dog  March  Wind,  Kinda
       they  arrived Linda Wren,  and  the late  groovy went on to have one litter of 4
       Billy Mackenzie were also there to see  with  Clive  and  Kirsty  England’s  WCRA
       the pups. Billy asked Sue “if you could  ½  coat  Sporting  Ch  Wonder  Why  on
       pick  one  Sue  which  one  would  you  24th     December     2003     producing
       pick?”  Without  hesitation  Sue  replied  WCRA RCh VCh Star of Wonder.
       “the  little  black  bitch  she’s  stun-
       ning”    “that’s  Mona”  Billy  said  “she’s  Kinda Gorgeous went on to have one
       my  pick  too”  six  weeks  later  Sue         litter with June & Alan Foster’s WCRA
       received a phone call from June saying  Ch VCh, vet top10 & superstar winner
       the  little  black  bitch  had  been  sent  and top stud dog, Elovado, Producing 4
       back to her as the person that had tak-  out  of  4  Champions  on  the  17   Aug
       en her had changed his mind. Len sug-  2006 WCRA RCh, NPWRCh, NPWRVCh,
       gested  that  they  should  have  her  for  Top  Ten  Winner,  3  X  top  stud  dog
       Martyn  as  he  was  at  an  age  to  start  Evansent.   WCRARCh   WCRAVCh,
       racing.  So  off  they  all  went  back  to  NPWRA   VCh   Superstar   Winner
       June & Lens for another look. From the  Bracombe  Nadal,  NPWRA  RCh  Mor-
       moment  Martyn  saw  Mona  he  loved  tons Double Take, & NPWRA RCh Kin-
       her.  He  became  the  proud  owner  of  da Cheeky. On the 27  April 2009 one
       Mona Lisa. (Pet name Holly) Mona Lisa  puppy was born to Kinda Spooky  and
       went on to win many opens for Martyn  WCRA  ½  coat  NVCh  Elvire  producing
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