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one  pup  WCRA  ½  coat,  Sporting  Ch.   already become a WCRA Ch She’s Kind
       Silver Chance.  A friend of Sue & Steve,   of Hot and Gorgeous.
       Sally  Bunyon  had  mated  her  bitch
       Happy Ebro Carper race name Hot Pur-  The last litter born on the 24  August
       suit  to  a  dog  Sue  &  Steve  had  bred,   2017 to Kind of Hush & Steve Coward
       WCRCh  Braecombe  Nadal,  and  also   & Sarah Puxtys Bring it Back producing
       Hot  Pursuits  father  was  You  Know   6  pups,  with  NPWRCh  Turn  it  On
       Harry (Ansome Harry) also bred by Sue   getting  his  National  title  and  joint
       and Steve. There were only two bitch-  winner  of  the  2019  National  Top  Ten
       es  produced  and  Sally  had  promised   Dog  League,  Berts  Wee  Dram
       one to her friend Carol Creed, and Sally   becoming  a  National  Graduate  and
       kept the other one.                  Glad all Over an open winner too.

       Unfortunately, when  the pups were 6   So, it all started for them both in 1979,
       months old, Carol became very unwell   41 years ago this year. They have bred
       and Tula  as Carol had  called her, had   10  litters  and  had  at  least  one
       to go back to Sally. The two litter sis-  Champion  out  of  each  litter.  Their
       ters  did  not  get  on  at  all,  and  Sally   breeding has also achieved every title
       often spoke to Sue or Steve, when she   there is to be won.
       told them of her problem they offered
       to  take  Tula  on  as  Carol’s  health     For  as  long  as  I  have  known  them,
       problems being long term she would-  they  have  both  always  helped  to  run
       n’t be able to have her back. In 2012   meetings  at  club  level  and  also  at
       Tula went  to live in Reading with Sue   Championships.  Steve’s  knowledge  of
       and  Steve.  She  settled  in  quickly  and   pedigrees  is    second  to  none  and  he
       did everything asked of her during her   has assisted with hundreds of mating’s
       training,  and  always  gave  100%  Tula   over the years.
       (Kinda  Hot)  became  a  National
       Graduate  in  2015,  and  later  gained    Whippet racing owes a lot to this
       her National VCh Star.                           lovely couple.

       Later that year on the 16  November
       Kinda  Cheeky  produced  a  litter  of  5                     June Foster
       with  Viv  Thurman’s  Devils  Double
       WCRA  RCh  NPWRA  Graduate  Cheeky
       Devil, WCRA Ch Vino, NPWRA Ch Kinda
       Hush,  NPWRA  Ch  &  WCRA  Ch  Dolly
       Byrd.  Their next Litter was out of Tula
       -  Kind  of  Hot,  she  went  to  Jane
       Rankin’s  Mr  Jigsaw  –  Endeavour.  The
       litter was born on the 18  May 2016,
       producing  7  pups,  one  of  which  is
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